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Vicè was born in Isola delle Femmine, a charming seaside village just outside Palermo.

He was the youngest of five brothers and at the end of the sixties he moved to Milan where he worked as a warehouse keeper. Every time he returned home for Christmas by train he would think of the Christmas dinner with his family, of the secents of his grandmother's house which couldn’t be found outside Sicily.

Therefore Vicè decided to open some shops where everyone could enjoy the hometown flavours, just like opening his own house and export the local traditions.


It’s the brand that promotes the first chain of Sicilian Food & beverage based on traditional street food.

Why do we focus on Sicilian products only?
Because Sicily has a unique culinary heritage, rich of flavours wich can't be found in other European kitchens.
Because in Sicily you can find tradition café that serve "pieces of rotisserie" till late at night.
Because no other regional cuisine can offer such great variety of sweet and salty flavours any moment of the day.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by raw Sicilian ingredients from a valuable network of suppliers and by workers who cook rigorously.
The soul of VICÈ is the service: speed, courtesy and hygiene distinguish each store.

We are Sicilian, we are a friendly people!

Giancarlo Bonfiglio
Mktg & Franchising Manager
Indirizzo E-mail
Anna Giustra Unico - H.R. & Staff Manager
Indirizzo E-mail